three words that will set you free today

you are enough | jessicataylordesign

do you ever get stuck on the spin cycle?

something circumstantial leads you down the well-worn trail of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt.

a break up. job loss. harsh words from someone you adore. unwarranted criticism. a divorce. a friendship falling apart. distant family relationships.

everything seems to scream that you’re not:

thin enough.

smart enough.

tough enough.

decisive enough.

sweet enough.

talented enough.

rich enough.

original enough.

super-mom enough.

friendly enough.

man enough.

woman enough.

worthy enough.

popular enough.

contributing enough.

good enough.

tall enough.

so we do our best. we put on a smile. work our asses off to fit in. we fight like hell to be what everyone else needs us to be.

and in the process, we forget who we are.

and, even worse? we forget who’s we are.

but what would happen if we started reminding each other of the three words that will set you free today:

you are enough.

you are enough | jessicataylordesign

this one phrase captures so much.

that you are:

brave enough.

bold enough.

kind enough.

confident enough.

loved enough.

creative enough.

funny enough.

beautiful enough.

smart enough.

strong enough.

exactly as you are.

right now. today.

no more striving. no more fussing. no more wondering. no more song and dance.

you are enough regardless of what your paycheck says. what your significant other says. what your parent says.

you are enough regardless of what your teacher told you. what those friends once called you. how he treated you.

you are enough regardless of what pinterest, instagram, and facebook say you should be.

you, my sweet, gorgeous, strong, breathtaking friend, you are enough.

these three little words will set you free.

hang them on your mirror. on your dashboard. at your desk. in your daughter’s room. on the door. in a place you’ll see every single day–to root yourself in your enough-ness. in the freedom that comes with believing that you are truly loveable and completely worthy. the world would not be the same without you in it, and i’m so glad you’re here.

you are enough | jessicataylordesign

and the best part? this enough-ness is contagious. once we start believing that WE are enough, we start reminding others of their enough-ness, too.

maybe someone in your life needs this reminder. surprise them with a gift to root them in their enough-ness today:

grab a “you are enough” gold foil print—on sale this week.

and, if you want to be extra pushy, share this post on your facebook page right now–let’s scream this message of enough-ness to everyone who will listen.

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