the day i cried in front of glenn in the hardware store.

i went to home depot last summer.

my sweet friend and roomie at the time, logan, was helping me install a dryer (because, adult), and we dropped one of the screws inside of the dryer (because, children).

i offered to take a matching screw and go to home depot to find it’s match.

elsa came along to keep me company (and not destroy the entire house).

walking up to the entrance, i started getting weepy.

surely this is allergies. my heart would betray me now. here. over this silly thing.

but i hadn’t gone to home depot by myself… ever.

d was the one who went to home depot. not me.

i made my way to the first orange apron I saw (because what else are you supposed to do when you walk in? actually peruse the aisles?). i asked this sweet, unassuming woman to find me a matching screw.

she directed me to aisle 3.

i started perusing for something that looked sort of like what i held in my hand.


i don’t know if it was sawdust in my eye, feeling overwhelmed by the variety to choose from, or just sad (<– cough), but as glenn approached the obviously confused girl in aisle 3, tears puddled in my eyes.

i asked for help.

something that has been increasingly difficult the last few months.

glenn found me the closest version he could (for the record, he was wrong).

and I made my way back to elsa in the car. tears streaming.

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