the one anthem you need for the good days and bad

this too shall pass | jessicataylordesign
we remember the firsts.

our first day of school.
our first kiss.
the first time you exchange I love you’s.
his first step.
her first word.
the first day at your new job.

but what about the lasts?

they seem to slink by without us noticing until they’re long gone.

the last time your mom packed your lunch (for me, that was in college. i’m not mad about it).
the last time you rode your bike with your neighborhood friends.
the last time you spent time with a friend you’ve since lost contact with.
the last time you called your sweet grandparent just to talk.
the last time your son or daughter needed help tying their shoes.
the last time you went to recess (to play tag, or, you know, kiss boys in the enclosed slide… oh. just me?).
the last night spent in your childhood home.
the last time you said “I love you” before they were gone.
the last time your child crawled onto your lap to be held.
the last time he kissed you goodnight.
the last time the whole family was together for a holiday.
the last time you shared a bed together.

if you would have known it was the last time, would you have done it differently?

soaked in the moment? remembered what you were wearing? what it smelled like? memorized every teensy detail?

this too shall pass | jessicataylordesign

this too shall pass.

those icky days where nothing goes your way.
the difficult season of long hours and tiny paychecks.
the restless nights and early mornings.

you see, not just the bad will pass away.

the good will, too.

last december, before i made the move to salt lake, i had an impromptu date with two of my very best friends. one of them made the observation that this may be the last time we get time together for a while–if ever. my friend’s comment made me pause… and get teary. my auto-response was to rebuke the remark and promise many wine and peanut butter filled date nights to come.

but deep down i wondered if it really would be the last time. it made our time together that much sweeter and the goodbye that much harder.

this too shall pass is not just an anthem to get us through the tough, painful, dirty-dog days, but also a call to squeeze every drop out of the best ones.

because you never know when it will be your last.

this too shall pass | jessicataylordesign

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