on being brave


meet hannah. you’ve heard me sing her praises before. she’s the kind of friend who says yes when you ask her to drive to utah with you and your fluffy pup in a powder blue mini-van. 🙂


hannah is a dear friend, encourager, creative, and someone who is figuring out this whole adulting thing alongside me. we often have pretty rad convos i wish you could all listen in on. and if you get a chance to be hannah’s in-real-life friend, DO IT. i asked her to pop over and share a little bit about something she’s been learning in this season of her life. i think it will resonate with you.

ever since i was tiny and in need of encouragement, my dad’s anthem for me was:

“be brave, piglet.”

he would say it with a smile and a wink and nudge me forward. these words resounded at dance recitals, choir concerts, violin recitals (bless my family for attending these in the early, out-of-tune years), auditions… you get the point.

these words stick with me to this day.

i’m much older now, but there’s still this tiny, scared girl inside me who needs to hear those words.

last fall, i tattooed “be brave” in my dad’s handwriting on my wrist. consequently, these past few months resulted in me speaking this phrase over and over again to myself and trying to understand what it actually means to be brave.


as it turns out, being brave feels a lot like being afraid.

but then you take one step. and then another, and another.

being brave can look like making a quick, seemingly rash decision until you realize…

you’ve developed a habit of making beautifully brave decisions.

it takes steps to get you to the edge, and then beyond the edge into the great and wild unknown.

sometimes being brave means trying that coffee shop around the corner, or taking a new yoga class on your own.

sometimes it means dying your hair pink and channeling your inner badass.

sometimes being brave means loving fully and being brave enough to keep your heart open when you inevitably get hurt.

and sometimes it means stepping into something you can’t actually see. you have an inkling something good is ahead, but you have to jump before you find out.

being brave doesn’t mean your game face is always on. that’s why I rarely feel brave– i’m not sure i can play the part. the part of the stone-faced, afraid-of-nothing, sure-of everything, try-and-stop-me human.

most days, i’m unsure. unsure if i’m on the right path (if it even exists), if i’m strong enough, brave enough, anything enough.

and most days, i use every ounce of courage within me just to keep moving forward.

being brave looks like moment by moment acts of courage that lead to a habit of courage. a habit of being brave.

what does being brave look like for you?

I made this key especially for my sweet friend, hannah.

what is the word God has been speaking to you lately? grab your custom key, here.

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