oh hi there,

this is where i’ll awkwardly talk about myself and my dog. speaking of, this is elsa.

jess & elsa_028

I’m a lover of words and pretty things. A self-proclaimed Bible nerd, I graduated from Colorado Christian University in 2012 with a degree in Theology, and work as director of operations for author and Bible teacher, Margaret Feinberg. Some of my favorite writers and thinkers include Frederick Buechner and Barbara Brown Taylor (whom I’ve lovingly nicknamed: FreddyB and Saint BBT). Deeply passionate about social justice (#allthefeels), I want everyone to be my bestie (even you). I’m a doggy momma to a fluffball polar bear named #elsathesamoyed, and will stop for every stray dog I see (which happens far more often than you’d think). Although I can’t remember the lyrics to a single song, I love live music and any excuse for a dance party. As a Salt Lake City transplant, I love exploring my new city, drinking all the coffee, eating all the tacos, and showering as infrequently as possible.

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