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here’s your challenge for the week


in the midst of crisis, is hard. (read: impossible).

do you know the feeling of wading in a stream or river wearing flip-flops? every step is a battle of mud verses inner-toe-strength.

i experienced this feeling in the weeks after our separation. even small, simple tasks loomed large. every step forward was a battle. life zoomed at its normal pace, but i couldn’t keep up.  keep reading…

5 ways to own the summer instead of letting the summer own you


if there is one person who is rocking this whole juggling being a wife/friend/momma/badass boss thing, it is my sweet friend, Sarah. sarah is a momma of three boys under 3 (yeah… i know). ev, bear, and baby huck keep this momma’s hands, days, and heart full. i’m continually amazed at how well and intentional she is with her time–with her friends, her kiddos, and her hubby. BONUS. sarah has an incredible story of how one beachbody challenge changed her life. so each month, she leads people through a fitness challenge group. follow sarah on instagram (because she will kick your butt with encouragement, truth, and challenges every day). and sign up for one of her challenge groups, here.

i asked sarah to pop over and share a handful of tips on how to own summer instead of letting the summer own you:

keep reading…